Modern Slavery Statement


The MOTUS Australia Group, including the reporting entities listed below, recognises the importance of protecting human rights. Our Group is committed to ensuring that our employees, our customers, those communities in which the group operates and those within our supply chains are free from all forms of modern slavery.  We recognise that modern slavery can occur in many forms and can include forced labour, child labour, debt bondage, human trafficking and other discriminatory employment practices. 

We are committed to operating responsibly and establishing and adhering to the highest ethical standards by not tolerating any forms of slavery or human trafficking in our business operations and supply chains. MOTUS Australia is committed to complying with its obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 relating to the detection and prevention of modern slavery.

The board of directors has overall responsibility for ensuring this policy complies with our legal and ethical obligations, and that all those under our control comply with it.

This policy is provided on behalf of all controlled entities in the MOTUS Australia Group and are listed below after consultation with all entities. 


The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of MOTUS Holdings Ltd, a public company, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. We have operations in New South Wales and Victoria that principally retail new and used motor vehicles, related parts and accessories, the servicing and repair of motor vehicles and the brokering of financial service products aligned to the sale of motor vehicles. We represent 19 foreign manufacturers of motor vehicles and their parts and accessories through our retail network. We employ over 500 people in our owned and controlled entities. Our locations and business units can be found on our website –

Our supply chain includes the manufacture of motor vehicles and the related parts, the transportation and storage of these goods from foreign countries through Australian ports, along local transportation networks to our retail sites. We will also source goods and services locally from suppliers that areas that we operate for security, cleaning, body building, stationery, IT services and other goods and services necessary to operate the business units. We do not deal with any foreign suppliers directly and all goods and services are procured from within Australia.


Motus have identified the following risks in our supply chain:

  • Staff wages and benefits not aligning with industry awards and other regulations.
  • Our employment of immigrant labour from recruiting through payment of wages not being fair and equitable.
  • Suppliers in the areas of detailing, cleaning, security and transportation services not treating their employees in line with these principles.
  • Long international supply chains where we have little knowledge or oversight.


Senior management is to provide oversight and work collaboratively with suppliers to ensure that the expectations and standards of the company are understood and that potential exposure to human rights risks is minimised. This will involve the performance of a due diligence around the identified risk areas:

  • The Human Resources function will confirm that all wages are paid in conformance to industry awards and other regulations.
  • The Human Resources function will confirm that the employment terms of immigrant labour conforms with earnings and benefits of non-immigrant labour and that no onerous terms or obligations exist.
  • That suppliers in the areas of cleaning, security and transportation complete an declaration indicating compliance to Modern Day Slavery principles.
  • That our large suppliers have completed their own Modern Slavery Statement.
  • We will provide awareness training to staff so that they can be aware of our policy and also monitor compliance by our suppliers.
  • Provide a whistle blowing service where staff or suppliers can raise a concern with senior management.
  • We will include testing of our compliance into our internal audit function.


Management at all levels are responsible for ensuring those reporting to them understand and comply with this policy and are given adequate and regular training on it and the issue of modern slavery in supply chains.

The prevention, detection and reporting on modern slavery is any part of the Company’s business is the responsibility of all those working for the Company or under the Company’s control. You are required to avoid any activity that might lead to a breach of this policy.

Senior management will report to: 

  • the Finance and Risk Review Committee to indicate that they have performed the appropriate due diligence with regard to Modern Day Slavery on an annual basis. This committee will provide the appropriate oversight on behalf of the Board.
  • the Minister detailing our annual statement
  • the Public by making our statement available on our website.


  • AMH A Finance Pty Ltd
    • Liquid Capital
  • AMH A Properties Pty Ltd
  • Australian Automotive Group Pty Ltd
    • Titan Ford
    • Power Ford
    • City Ford – Alexandria
    • City Ford – Rockdale
    • City Ford – Ryde
    • Cumberland Ford
    • Brookvale Mitsubishi
    • Castle Hill Renault
    • Castle Hill Isuzu Ute
    • Rockdale Kia
    • Cumberland Suzuki
    • Ryde Hyundai
  • Ballarat MJLR Pty Ltd
    • Ballarat Mazda
    • Ballarat LandRover Jaguar
  • Ballarat Motor Holdings Pty Ltd
    • Ballarat Audi
    • Ballarat Skoda
    • Ballarat Isuzu Ute
    • Ballarat Opposite Lock
    • Ballarat BMW
    • Ballarat Honda
    • Ballarat Subaru
  • Gippsland Motor Group Pty Ltd
    • Gippsland Mercedes Benz
    • Traralgon Mitsubushi
    • Traralgon Isuzu Ute
    • Traralgon Holden
    • Traralgon GMSV
    • Leongatha Isuzu Ute
  • Motus Australia Pty Ltd
  • Pakenham Mega Motors Pty Ltd
    • Pakenham Isuzu Ute
  • Traralgon Motor Group Pty Ltd
    • Traralgon Subaru
    • Traralgon Mazda
    • Leongatha Subaru
  • VSL Motors Pty Ltd
    • Gippsland Peugeot
    • Gippsland MG
    • Gippsland Suzuki
    • Gippsland Land Rover and Jaguar
    • Traralgon VW



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