Motus Australia
Motus AU manages the automotive interests of Motus Group Australia
Motus Australia
Encompasses 18 vehicle franchises outlets at 31 locations across Victoria and New South Wales
Motus Australia
Motus Group Australia employs almost 500 people nationally

A new name in Australian automotive leadership

About Us

Motus Australia is a diversified motor retail business in the automotive sector. It is a subsidiary of Motus Holdings Ltd, a motor vehicle themed corporation. We have unrivalled scale and scope in South Africa, and a selected international presence in the United Kingdom, Australia, South East Asia; and Southern and East Africa. Motus Holdings Ltd is a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. 

Motus Australia employs almost 500 people nationally and encompasses 36 vehicle franchised outlets at 14 locations across Victoria and New South Wales. The business also operates a financial services business, Liquid Capital.

Motus will be powered by its people – a diverse combination of experienced, educated and energetic individuals – whose progress will rely on strategic clarity, operational excellence and innovation. In short we are dedicated to powering the progress of Motus to continue to be a world class motor vehicle group.